Create your own twinkle curtain!
author By seriousgaming, Saturday, November 25, 2017

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Want a backdrop similar to our holiday backdrop?

Here is what we used! You can also put an opaque curtain behind the lights in white, red, or green to make it extra festive!

I am in love with lights, so when I found this curtain I was pretty excited. The LED lighting curtain set each comes with it's own remote! If you plug in both sets of lights and turn them off using one of the remotes, both sets of lights will sync to a single remote. Which is awesome... because anytime I want to have an impromptu dance party, I just need to grab the remote and go!

I also used the garland from the ornament pack to decorate our microphones. Make sure to use the hooks provided with the ornaments with the hung twine. I started out stringing the decorations through their holes onto the twine, and it made it really hard to work with.

All the items were purchased from Amazon (click the link to see the item!)

Have a Happy Holiday & fun decorating!

<3 Victoria